WalkSydney: December 2019

Taking Sydney in Stride since 2018.

As we close out our first full year, WalkSydney sends out our second newsletter. We are pleased to be an official, legal organisation with an actual bank account, so yes, we are accepting donations in addition to memberships.

Much has happened in the past year. Transport for New South Wales has absorbed RMS and reorganised. Sydney Metro and LRT 2 have started operations. But 43 pedestrians have died so far on New South Wales roads, an improvement on the same period in 2018, but still 43 too many. And sadly, bush fires have turned the air quality to poor and even hazardous on too many days. And people on foot are stopped at intersections for far too long.

We have a broad agenda, and will move on many fronts, as there is so much to do. You can see WalkSydney’s List of Aims. If you agree, or think there are other things that also need to be done, join us and help make it happen.

Happy walking everybody.





  • Join WalkSydney and get involved with action and ideas to make Sydney safe and pleasant for pedestrians. We advocate for improving the walkability of our city. People-friendly streets are the foundation of healthy, inclusive, connected, and sustainable communities Help make walking in Sydney better.


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