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October 2022

Newsletter October 2022

July 2022

Join us to make a lasting impact on walkability across Sydney

May 2022

WalkSydney May Newsletter 2022

February 2022

Events and achievements Road Safety Joint Committee On 12th October 2021, our committee member Prof. David Levinson was invited to give testimony to the…

September 2021

Hello - In September I was elected President of WalkSydney and I write to introduce myself and outline WalkSydney’s recent and future work. I’m a…

March 2021

As we walk into the new year, the shape of our cities and streets continue to evolve. This year, the WalkSydney group started meeting more regularly…

December 2020

It's been a very big year for walking and cities - its probably too close to have any decent perspective on what it all means in the long-term. But…

October 2020

The battle between walking and pollution

July 2020

It’s been three months since the last WalkSydney newsletter (about 5 years in normal time!). We couldn’t have possibly have realised how important…

April 2020

Our last newsletter was at the end of last year, and who would have thought that the world could change so much in such a short time. This is first and…

December 2019

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